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5 Compelling Reasons to Practice Ashtanga Yoga

5 Compelling Reasons to Practice Ashtanga Yoga

One of the highly structured yoga routines, Ashtanga yoga, also known as eight limbs of yoga, works on the overall development of the body. Detoxing your body is the ultimate purpose, along with providing you the purity of mind.

Accompanied with quick and powerful movements, certain asanas might be difficult for a few practitioners. But overall growth is definitely one of its key features. In case you still have any doubts, read further to have a better insight into the matter.

Reasons to Practice Ashtanga Yoga

  • Variety The personal preference of a yoga instructor differs every time you practice Ashtanga yoga. It generally provides you with new sequences of yoga postures, removing any kind of boredom from your practice session. Many prefer back-bends while others make hand-stands their priority. Therefore, you learn new sequences of yoga poses to prepare you differently every time you start the practice session.
  • Great Cardio Continuous transition between different yoga asanas provide you with barely enough time to rest. Therefore, the heart rate increases and demand for the oxygen for your body as well. The intensity of this form of yoga could be very high, so the after-effect will be that your body burns fat even after the session is over. Who says yoga doesn’t give you abs? Ashtanga yoga tones up your body to help you burn fat and have those ever-in-demand abs.
  • Better Focus While practicing yoga, you are in a relaxed and calm state of being without any stress in mind. You learn to be mindful of the moment rather than dwelling on the past or the future. In turn, your creativity improves when you focus entirely on one thing. As silence make its home in you, you can listen to your inner thoughts and learn to find inspiration within you.

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  • Strength and Flexibility With as many as sixty yoga pose transitions in this particular yoga style, you hold your body weight against gravity. It helps in building the strength required the very next time you perform the sequence. Practicing various balancing poses of yoga help you to have a tight core. Also, over time the range of motion of the muscles increases as the flexibility improves by regular practice of Ashtanga yoga. Flexible back and legs muscles are necessary to perform any task, whether you sit a lot or are very active.
  • Prevent Injury Practicing Ashtanga yoga in a mindful way helps you build a strong and flexible body that can stand solid when prone to injuries. It makes the practice of this yoga a complementary exercise in your daily routine. With improved strength and a flexible body, you can easily attain your goals in mind. It makes you fit even if you are getting older by improving joint health and maintains the balance of the body.
  • Spiritual Well-Being Every yogi performs the same sequence over and over again. Over time, the practitioners awaken their inner spiritual self. All the eight limbs purify different dimensions of the practitioners and by the time the session ends, they feel more clarity of the mind.

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To wrap up, it can be said that not just the physical self is improved but the mental aspect is also nourished with routinely practice of Ashtanga yoga. With the skilled eyes of the certified instructors always speculating you, you can rest your worries aside and learn various advanced techniques to perfect your yoga stances, body alignment, and positioning.

From being getting physically fit to mentally sound, there are countless reasons you can find to implement the yoga practice in your daily schedule. It could be a life-changing experience for you, which can fill your life with bliss and calmness.

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