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Reasons why you should do Slow Flow Yoga

5 Reasons You Should Give Slow Flow Yoga A Serious Try

As the name suggests, slow flow yoga is a yoga style you practice at a slower pace. In a typical slow flow class, you do half the yoga asanas done in a regular flow class. You spend more time breathing in every pose in the slow flow class.

Do you know that this yoga style is an amalgamation of two different yoga styles? Yoga experts have come up with a complete explanation.

That said, let us take a look at which yoga styles combine to form slow flow.

Hatha and Vinyasa

Yes! Hatha and Vinyasa yoga are part of this yoga style. Thus, it is vital for you to know the different roles each of these play in forming this yoga form.

It is Vinyasa that puts the “flow” in a slow flow yoga style. Vinyasa yoga is when your body movements and asanas flow from one to another in a smooth fashion. Every Vinyasa class is unique in the sense that there is no repetition of any pose. In other words, every Vinyasa yoga session is a surprise.

Hatha’s yoga style differs from Vinyasa. Hatha puts the “slow” in the slow flow yoga. It focuses on the importance of breathing. Hatha yoga puts focuses on combining breathing with smooth body movement. This gives you a meditative experience. Daily practice of Hatha yoga calms your mind and brings peace and focus.

The combination of Hatha and Vinyasa give birth to slow flow yoga. This yoga style has different poses and body movements that flow together. You hold every pose for a bit longer to work on your breath.

Who Can Practice Slow Flow Yoga?

The best thing about this yoga style is – It is for everyone! The speed of practice suits a yoga beginner as they do not feel lost in the class.

At the same time, slow flow yoga is perfect even for advanced yoga practitioners. If you want to dive deeper into yoga practice, this is the perfect yoga style for you. It is a calm yoga style that is perfect for people of all ages and walks of life.

Being a combination of two different yoga styles certainly is a good deal. Let us find out why joining a slow flow class is worth your time and effort.

5 Reasons to Try

Given below are 5 amazing reasons why slow flow yoga is best for you.

Welcomes Everyone

As stated above, the slow flow yoga is suitable for practitioners of all levels. No matter your age or yoga experience level you can practice this yoga style without any worries. The slow movement challenges you to surpass the physical limitations. Anyone coming to learn this yoga style would not go back disappointed or unsatisfied.

Minimizes Stress

This style of yoga calms your mind in a short duration of time. It is how slow flow works its magic against stress. The deep connection you form with your breathing helps take it to the next level. Daily practice of deep breathing with slow body movement keeps the mind from running in different directions. This helps you focus on one thing at a time.

Low Impact

In a slow flow session, you do not need to worry about keeping up with others. It is a low-impact yoga style that does not puts unnecessary pressure on your body. You have all the time to listen to your body and read the cues it gives out.

This yoga style helps you move beyond physical limitations at your own pace. In other words, you need not worry about practicing challenging and high-impact asanas.

Makes You Patient

At times working out often gets confused with high-intensity exercise and sweating. If that is the case for you then impatience is something you would feel in a slow flow class. You might feel inclined to get it over with as fast as you can.

Moving past this inclination helps you experience the benefits of this yoga style. You develop patience and understand the benefits of slow body movements.

Keeps Injuries Away

Since you do not need to rush into every yoga asana, you have time to work on your own limitations. This helps you strengthen the injury-prone muscles. This yoga style is the best way for you to keep yoga-related injuries away for good.


Do you wish to learn yoga at your own pace and comfort? Join a certified yoga school to learn slow flow under the guidance of skilled yoga teachers.

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