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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The Comprehensive Guide To 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

So, are you done with the 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training course? If you still want to learn more about this ancient art, then enroll in a 500 hour yoga teacher training program. The 500 hour is a two-month-long and intensive yoga teacher training. If you want to become a certified yoga teacher, this is the course for you.

The 500 hour yoga teacher training program helps you understand the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. Being the most advanced and intense YTT course, this provides you in-depth knowledge of yoga anatomy, asanas, and the philosophy behind each yogic technique.

However, before you jump in on the wagon you must answer some important questions.

9 Questions To Answer Before Enrolling In 500 Hour YTT in Rishikesh

As a student of yoga, one thing you must remember is that the learning never stops. However, the 500 YTT requires both serious dedication and commitment of time & other resources. Therefore, you must be sure of moving ahead before signing up for the course.

With that said, given below are nine questions you have to answer to find out if this advanced-level yoga teacher training is really for you or not.

What Motivates You To Teach Yoga?

The first and most important question you need to have a clear answer to before enrolling in the 500 hour YTT. You must be sure of what is it that motivates you to share your love and passion for yoga with others. Many enroll in a yoga course as they feel happy being a student. However, if teaching is one of your passion and strong points, then the 500 hour YTT is for you.

What Can You Offer As A Yoga Teacher?

Knowing what you can offer as a certified yoga teacher helps you stand out from others especially from those who are more interested in making money than spreading knowledge. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of this ancient art and within a structured environment, the 500 hour yoga teacher training is for you.

How Have You Evolved After Completing the 200 and 300 Hour YTT?

Some individuals enroll in the 500 hours YTT immediately after completing the 200 hour course. While some need a little time before moving ahead.

Before you sign up for the 500 hour yoga teacher training in India, you must reflect on the changes in yoga practice and overall knowledge of yoga. This makes it easier for you to decide whether you are physically and mentally prepared for the 500 hour yoga teacher training or not.

Did You Meet The Goals Of Previous Training?

Developing hindsight provides you a clear vision of what you want to get out of this course. You have to look back at previous yoga teacher training programs and ask yourself – Did I Meet The Goals Set In These Programs?

Considering your previous experiences and determining what value is added to your goal of becoming a certified yoga teacher can help you make the right decision.

Is There Any Other Way To Meet The Goals?

For many, becoming a 500 RYT involves reading a lot about yoga anatomy, asana practice, philosophy, and other literature on yoga. One thing that you should be clear about is the end goal of the training and the right way to achieve it.

Moreover, if being part of a group and sharing varied life experiences is your thing, then enrolling in the 500 hour course is the best decision. Also, if you are sure this advanced-level yoga teacher training would give you the credibility to achieve other goals, sign up for it.

What Do You Feel About Students As A Yoga Teacher?

If you want to become a certified yoga teacher, you first have to learn and practice yoga before helping others. Moreover, it also requires you to form a deep connection with the students in the yoga teaching class. If you feel this way on a deep level, it is a sign the 500 hour yoga teacher training is for you.

Why Do You Feel Compelled To Teach Yoga?

This one is a bit tricky. In other words, what you want to offer is directly related to why you want to offer it, there is a difference. In what way do you want to help the students unlock their true potential? What is your end goal behind providing yoga lessons?

In short, you need to be clear about the ‘WHY’ behind enrolling for the 500 hour yoga teacher training program.

What Was Your Actual Goal Before Signing Up For The 200 Hour Course?

Many sign up for the beginner-level 200 hour RYT course to just practice yoga while some want to dive deeper into this sacred art. You have to be sure about the reasons that compelled you to enroll in the previous yoga teacher training.

What Are The Reasons For Enrolling In A 500 Hour RYT Course?

Considering the amount of time and money you invest in the 500 hour YTT, it is beneficial if you are clear with the reason behind signing up for the 500 hour course.

Now, that you are clear about why you want to enroll in this advanced-level yoga teacher training course, let us find out a bit more about the 500 hour YTT.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India– A Brief Intro

As stated above, the 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is an advanced-level course. This provides you the beginner and intermediate-level knowledge of yoga. The training usually lasts for 60 days and you learn the mental & spiritual aspects of this ancient art.

The 500 hour RYT course offers you lessons on:

  • Advanced yogic techniques like Meditation, Pranayama, and Yoga Asanas
  • Teaching methods for becoming a great yoga teacher
  • Everything About Yogic Lifestyle
  • Vedic Science concepts

500 Hour YTT Syllabus

Let us now have a detailed look at the 500 Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus.

Yoga Philosophy

  • Obstacles to yoga
  • Origin and Introduction to yoga philosophy
  • Introduction to yoga sutras
  • Eight limbs of yoga
  • Different paths of yoga

Pranayama Techniques

  • Introduction to Pranayama
  • Kapalbhati, Bhramari, Shitali, and Shitkari
  • Different Breathing Techniques

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology

  • Introduction to common yoga injuries
  • Understanding of different body systems
  • Lessons on joints and range of motion
  • Physiology of Pranayama & Meditation

Yoga Asanas

  • Backbend yoga asanas
  • Inverted yoga postures
  • Forward bend postures
  • Balancing postures
  • Twisting yoga postures
  • Standing yoga postures
  • Meditative yoga postures

Yoga Practicum

  • Introduction to Yoga teaching techniques
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • Techniques to teach and observe a yoga class
  • Health assessment

There is a lot more than what the 500 hour yoga teacher training program offers.

Do not worry! Enrolling in this advanced-level best yoga training course does offer you some impressive benefits as well.

6 Major Benefits Of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 500 hour yoga teacher training offers you a unique opportunity to dive deeper into your spiritual side and help others unlock the hidden potential.

With that said, given below are six benefits of enrolling in the 500 hour yoga teacher training course in India.

Deeper Self-Awareness

The 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is an intensive course that brings to you the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. It is here that you become aware of the millions of thoughts running through your mind and how these impact your overall being.

For example, a common thought crossing your mind during the first YTT is – I am not good enough. This is a result of comparing yourself with teachers and students inside the yoga class. The 500 hour yoga teacher training brings you face to face with every thought running through your mind and simply observing them instead of giving out a reaction.

Knowledge of Subtle Body

The 500 YTT is the best option if you want to dive further into Mantras, Pranayama, and other yogic techniques. Moreover, this training offers you lessons on different types of breathing during a yoga session and how it impacts your practice. You also come to know about the techniques to rid the body of all toxins and open your mind to the world around you.

Knowledge of Seven Chakras

As you dive deeper into yoga practice, the 500 hour yoga teacher training helps you dive into the sacred chakra system. You learn the techniques to align them, and how to transform your life by using this subtle energy.

Deeper Anatomy Workshops

When you acquire in-depth knowledge of the three levels of movement, you also gain knowledge of the injuries affecting specific muscle groups. This knowledge increases your abilities as a yoga teacher and helps deepen your personal yoga practice.

Moreover, advanced knowledge of the human body gives you the confidence to assist others in doing a yoga asana with ease. It is what makes the 500 hour yoga teacher training worth your time and effort.

In-Depth Knowledge Of Asanas

Since you are done with the basics of yoga teacher training, you need not spend any time starting from ground zero. Here is when the 500 hour program gives you in-depth knowledge of the reasons behind an asana and why you should avoid doing certain things in some yoga asanas.

Knowledge of Ancient Yogic Literature

You are familiar with some of the ancient yogic literature like the Bhagwad Gita during the 200 hour YTT. The 500 hour YTT takes it up a notch and explains it to you why that is a part of the yogic literature and how it got there in the first place.

Moreover, you also get a chance to explore Hatha Yoga Pradipika and other philosophies of yoga apart from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. In other words, you dive deeper into yoga philosophy and its origins.

Congratulations on taking this step to become a certified yoga teacher! However, you still need to prepare adequately before signing up for this course.

4 Essential Tips To Prepare For 500 Hour YTT

Given below are four tips to help you prepare for the 500 hour yoga teacher training course.

Gather Info

The first step you take before purchasing any product from the supermarket is to check out the details and other information. The same applies to the 500 hour yoga teacher training as you would be spending a considerable amount of time away from your home.

Moreover, you should ask the present and former students who have been or are still a part of the 500 Hour program to learn from their first-hand experiences. You can inquire about the duration of the course, accommodation options, and the teachers at the yoga school. This information prepares you in advance for what to expect during the training.

Have Clear Intentions

Before you sign in on this advanced-level yoga teacher training course, be clear about the reasons for which you wanted to join the program. Do you want to teach yoga as a side hustle or are serious about unlocking your true potential?

In short, there has to be clarity in your intention behind joining the 500 hour yoga teacher training course to successfully complete the program.

Continue The Asana Practice

Since you have decided to give yoga teacher training your all, you already possess some knowledge of yoga practice. However, it is a must that you keep the yoga practice alive as it will prepare you to handle longer asana practice.

Although you have done the 200 and 300 hour training, still it would be good to familiarize yourself with the Sanskrit names of yoga poses and gather knowledge on advanced yogic techniques.


You have done all the yoga asanas in 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training, still it would do you a lot of good to keep a little journal. You can mention the daily schedule, breaks, yoga asanas practiced, and what challenges you faced when doing a specific yoga pose.

There you have it! The complete guide to a 500 hour yoga teacher training program! Enroll now to unlock your true potential!


Do you want to learn more apart from 200 hour yoga teacher training? Enroll in 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn everything about this sacred art.

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