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Bridge pose (Chakrasna)

Bridge Pose (Chakrasana) – Everything You Need to Know About

You barely meet someone without back pain these days, especially lower back pain. In case you have bad lower back pain, Bridge pose (Chakrasana) will serve you the best. It is one of the best poses to strengthen your lower back. Moreover, the Bridge pose works on your overall spinal muscles.

Let’s explore a bit about Bridge pose (Chakrasana) before diving deep into it. Read on.

Steps to Practice Bridge pose (Chakrasana)

  1. Place a soft yoga mat on the ground to lie on it. Choose a yoga mat with a little padding for comfort.
  2. In case you have neck issues, you should fold a yoga blanket and place it under your shoulder and neck.
  3. Lie on your back and position your feet flat on the ground.
  4. Furthermore, ensure your feet are placed closer to your hip bones.
  5. Press your shoulder and arms into the ground.
  6. Push your tailbone towards your groin, engage your hips, and raise your buttocks in the air.
  7. Stay on top of your shoulders while your waist is in the air.
  8. You can clasp your hands behind your back and under your hips.
  9. Tuck your chin into your chest.
  10. Hold this position for a few breaths.
  11. Put your hips to the ground and repeat 5 to7 times.

Points to Keep in Check While Practicing Bridge pose (Chakrasana)

There are various points you need to keep in check for proper practice of the Bridge pose (Chakrasana). Moreover, these points ensure you do not incur injury to yourself. Read on for more information.

  • Warm-up your body before practicing Bridge pose (Chakrasana)
  • Make sure your feet are held close to each other while lying on the ground
  • Keep your weight equally balanced on your feet
  • Ensure your spine is straight when raised in the air
  • Breathe in deep into your stomach

Benefits of Practicing Bridge pose (Chakrasana)

Every yoga pose has some specific muscles that it targets. You can assume from it how much a particular yoga pose will benefit you. Let’s check out various Bridge pose benefits. Keep reading.

Strong Spine

Raising and holding your spine in the air strengthen it for better support to your body. Furthermore, it ensures your spine can fold in various directions. Hence, you don’t feel stiff when you need to move your body suddenly.

With stronger spine muscles, you get a straight body posture. Moreover, better spine health ensures your overall health is up to the mark. Thereby, you live a healthy life.

Strengthen Shoulders

Shoulder muscles are very delicate. A little stress, jerk, or wrong movement would lead to a joint injury. Bridge pose massages your shoulder joints. Moreover, it increases their agility to handle more body pressure.

Furthermore, the shoulders keep your chest and spine in the designated location. Hence, you always sit with chest high and shoulders in a neutral position.

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Tight Core

Abdominal muscles play a huge role in keeping your spine straight. Moreover, tight core muscles keep any injury at bay. Practicing Bridge pose (Chakrasana) makes your core muscles strong. Not just that, it also targets your glute and oblique muscles.

With a strong core, you can move easily while practicing not just the Bridge pose (Chakrasana) but any other pose also. Moreover, a tight abdomen keeps all your vital organs in place and ensures the proper functioning of your body.

Relief From Back Pain

Too much bending forward leads to over usage of your smaller spinal joints. When you practice the Bridge pose , you use your spine. However, the spine moves in backward motion rather than bending forward.

Hence, it nourishes your spine so that you stay safe from any type of injury. Moreover, the smaller joints in your spine remain in a neutral location that minimizes all the pain.


Bridge pose (Chakrasana) not just improves your back or spine strength but also offers various other benefits. It increases the balance in your knees, feet, and ankles. Moreover, the Bridge pose (Chakrasana) increases power in your quad muscles and lower back.

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With regular practice of the Bridge pose, you get a strong, agile, mobile, and flexible spine. Hence, you live a healthy and happy life.

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