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Cobra pose

Cobra Pose: Everything You Need to Know About

Do you want to stretch your abdomen and chest muscles? How about strengthening your shoulder joints? You can do all that with just a single yoga pose and that is the Cobra pose. The Cobra pose is one of the easiest and most effective yoga poses that even beginners can practice.

Thus, to ensure you get the most out of your yoga practice, we have curated a beginner’s guide to practicing the Cobra pose. Make sure you check out the basic steps to practice this pose. Apart from that, do not forget to check how Cobra pose benefits yoga practitioners. Read on.

Cobra Pose: A Brief Intro

The Cobra pose is a lying pose of yoga that works on your chest, shoulders, back, and legs muscles. Moreover, it makes your wrists, elbows, ankles, and waist joints strong, flexible, and mobile.

Also, practicing the Cobra pose increases your arms’ intensity to hold your body weight without any hassle. The Cobra pose is practiced to increase the length and mobility of the smaller spinal joints. Hamstrings, lower back, and hips are also some of the muscles that the Cobra pose targets.

Let’s get through some of the easiest steps to practice this pose without any hassle.

Steps to Practice Cobra Pose

  • Get on your stomach and place your knees on the ground
  • Place your arms on the ground to lift your upper body in the air
  • Make sure your waist is in touch with the ground while lifting your upper body
  • Keep your ankles stretched out while keeping your legs in touch with the ground
  • For more muscles activation, engage your upper back and scapular muscles
  • Hold your body in the air on your arms
  • Once done, return to the neutral position and keep your arms by your side

Tips For Beginners

Check out some of the tips that you can use for various issues mentioned ahead.

  • In case you feel pain in your wrists, keep some soft padding under your hands
  • Furthermore, rotate your wrists a little outward to ease out the pressure from your wrists
  • If you lack lower back flexibility, do not straighten out your arms
  • Balance your body on your tiptoes if you lack ankle mobility
  • Look up to further stretch your chest and abdomen muscles

Benefits of Practicing the Cobra Pose

In case you are wondering why you need to practice the Cobra asana, check out the following benefits of the Cobra pose. That might compel you to make this pose a part of your yoga practice routine.

Enhance Spinal Flexibility

The upward bending of the spinal muscles negates the forward bending of the spine. In short, your spine stretches toward the backside. It helps in removing all the tightness and fatigue from the muscles.

Thus, you get a flexible, mobile, and elastic spinal cord. This helps you move in the desired direction without incurring any kind of pain or issue.

Strong Arms

Arms do have the habit of lifting any weight. Therefore, some people have weaker arms that do not match with the rest of the body. So, it does not look appealing. In that case, practicing the Cobra asana works on the strength of your arms.

In short, your arms grow in size. They look toned, vascular, and can lift more than the required weight of your body. Moreover, you get an appealing physique with regular practice of the Cobra pose.

Tight Core

The core includes the muscles surrounding your abdomen, obliques on your waist, and muscles supporting your back joints. These muscles play a crucial role in sustaining a perfect form and posture while practicing a yoga pose.

When you practice the Cobra pose, your abdomen stretches and that activate the core muscles. Moreover, it helps in stabilizing your spine while moving your body differently.

Higher Muscle Growth

Holding your body on your arms and toes increases the loading capacity of your arms and core muscles. It leads to isometric holds that helps in muscle growth. Moreover, it increases the muscles’ endurance so that you can practice any yoga pose for a longer time.

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Wrap Up

As you can see, the Cobra pose has so many benefits that help in your overall development. Make sure you make it a permanent part of your routine to reap all the benefits.

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