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yoga poses to increase height

Grow Taller with the Best Poses of Yoga to Increase Height

Do you know exercise can help you grow taller? That’s right! There is a certain age up to which you can grow your height naturally. In case you were looking for the best exercise, practicing yoga could be the best choice. Practicing simple, easy, and gentle poses of yoga to increase height is a perfect idea.

Best Poses of Yoga to Increase Height Easily

With that being said, here are some of the best poses of yoga to increase height. You can practice them anytime you want. Just make sure you are warmed up and wearing something comfortable while practicing yoga. Keep reading

Tree Pose

tree pose yoga to increase height

It is one of the best poses of yoga to increase height. The tree pose makes your legs strong, improves your body balance, and helps in the release of various hormones. Not just that, it also massages the Pituitary gland that is linked with growth.

All you need to do is stand on both of your feet. Slowly lift one leg and place it on your other thigh. Try to fix your feet near your groin and maintain a perfect balance. Once you are done, repeat on the other leg.

Cobra Pose

cobra pose yoga to grow taller

Most of your body growth comes from your spine and limbs, especially your legs. The cobra pose increases the mobility, flexibility, and strength of your spine. Not just that, it improves your connecting tissues.

Hence, practicing the cobra pose works on your spine and elongates it without any risk. Further, it works on your arms and legs that improves your body’s overall balance. Therefore, it is another great pose of yoga to increase height.

Shoulder Stand

shoulder stand yoga for height

Another pose of yoga to grow taller is the shoulder stand. Your brain needs a lot of oxygen and fresh blood supply for maximum efficiency. The shoulder stand ensures blood flow to your head in the fastest way possible.

Moreover, it cleans the lymphatic system of your body along with working on your nervous system. Also, the shoulder stand lifts the burden off your legs and strengthens your neck muscles. Hence, it saves you from a neck injuries and improves your overall growth.

Bridge Pose

bridge pose yoga to get taller

The lower back is at risk because of all the bending and twisting motions that you do. Moreover, working on your computer, laptop, or mobile browsing puts a lot of stress on your neck muscles.

Hence, the pressure leads to neck and lower back injuries. So, to improve your condition, you can practice the bridge pose. It improves your lower back posture, cures pelvic tilt, and much more. Therefore, you grow taller without any injuries, accidents, deformities, or problems.

Standing Forward Bend

standing forward bend pose

Flexible hamstrings play a major role in the free movement of your body. For that, you can practice the standing forward bend. There are two variations of this pose. In one, you can simply bend forward while keeping your legs straight.

Just make sure they are not bent or completely locked out. In the other variation, you can fold your legs but can’t bend your spine. The second variation puts a lot more stress on your hamstrings. Hence, it is another pose of yoga to increase height without any issues.

Child’s Pose

child pose

Releasing stress, muscle tension, and fatigue is essential if you want to grow height. That is where the Child’s pose comes into action. The Child’s pose removes muscle tension from your hamstring muscles and hips.

Further, it heals the rounding of the back muscles. Moreover, it makes the spine more flexible and agile so that you can become taller and stronger.

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Wrap Up

The practice of yoga is there for thousands of centuries and it is one of the best ways to get taller. Hence, you can include the above-mentioned poses of yoga to increase height in your routine. For better results, have a healthy and wholesome meal.

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