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Hatha Yoga: A Guide For Novice Yoga Practitioners

It is heartbreaking that whenever someone thinks about yoga in the western world, the image of bending the body like a rubber band comes to the mind. But have you ever thought about the deeper meaning and significance of yogic practices? If you have no idea as to where to start your yoga practice, you can always begin with Hatha yoga.

What is Hatha Yoga?

If you break the word ‘Hatha’, you come across two words that signify the amalgamation of the sun and the moon energy. It implies the union of two distinct energies to create a balance and mixture within you when you practice it.

Hatha yoga comprises of basic and advanced yoga poses (similar to vinyasa yoga poses but the way to do is different )that help you understand the mechanisms of your body. Since you hold a particular posture for some time, you direct your energy into it. Thus, it diverts your focus from inside to the physical aspect of your being.

Tradition Behind Hatha Yoga

When you practice Hatha yoga, you work diligently to build your body. It is followed by the role mastered by breath. Pranayama is a big part of Hatha yoga that teaches you the practice of Nadi Shodhan. By the end of the yoga practice, you move to the last element, that is, meditation to connect with your spiritual self.

Though you practice Hatha yoga to level-up your strength and overall flexibility. But in the classical sense, it is practiced to bridge and lessen the gap that is there between your body and consciousness. If you think that a physically fit body is not that mandatory, then you might be wrong.

If you ponder over the last step of sitting straight to meditate, you might not be able to hold it for much longer if you lack strength in your lower or upper back. Thus, it becomes highly necessary that you work equally on every dimension of your being while practicing Hatha yoga. Also read vinyasa vs hatha yoga

How Hatha Yoga Benefits You

Below are the benefits of hatha yoga.

Improves Spine Health

Your spine is the most important section of your body. If there is even the slightest discomfort or imbalance in your spine, you might not be able to perform at your peak. Thus, when you practice Hatha yoga, you practice various yoga poses that work directly on the strength and flexibility of your spine.

In turn, you get stronger back muscles that ensures that you never lack your proficiency while practicing yoga. Moreover, your overall balance enhances when you have a stronger spine.

Greater Flexibility

Your muscles and joints can move to a certain degree without leaving you in pain. However, when you live a sedentary life, your flexibility decreases making the range of motion of various muscles and joints much shorter than usual.

However, when you practice Hatha yoga, you witness an increase in the flexibility of your body. Moreover, it enhances the fuel retention of your body, so that, you can work longer without getting tired.

Enhances Balance

Sometimes, when you use some part of your body more than the others, you witness a huge growth in the one that is used frequently. Thus, an imbalance is created in your overall body. It leads to spine rotation or one shoulder leaning more than the other.

Practicing Hatha yoga balances your physical body, so that, there is no inclination of one part over the other. You achieve a well-built athletic physique that serves you the best while practicing yoga.

Releases Stress

Whether it is the mental stress or stress in your muscles, it is always harmful to your body as well as your mind. It leads to depression, anxiety, and so many other health issues. Practicing Hatha yoga helps you by releasing stress from your body when you perform various yoga poses.

Your mental stress is relieved when you practice pranayama. Breath plays a vital role in cooling down your mental chatter. Moreover, it further helps you by filling you up with positive energy and flush out negative energy from you.

Stronger Immunity

There is no point in having a strong body and mind if you are not well, or if your immunity is not strong. You will suffer often from various health issues that will disrupt the flow of your yoga journey. When you practice Hatha yoga, you work on your physical and mental dimensions.

The use of various breathing practices improves your internal mechanisms, which automatically improves your immunity. Your mind works more efficiently, enhancing your cognitive abilities.

End Note

When you implement a regular yoga practice into your routine, you live a well-balanced and prosperous life. Although Vinyasa and hatha yoga have many similarities but Hatha yoga provides you with a strong body, fit mind, and a pure soul, moving you towards being a better human.

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