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How to Practice Flow Yoga

How to Practice Flow Yoga: An Easy Guide

Flow yoga, also known as Vinyasa yoga, helps you to pamper your mind and body. With its dynamic movements and synchronized breathing techniques, it is an ideal form of yoga to release stress. Moreover, you gain flexibility and a light body.

First you need to know what is yoga vinyasa? So basically, it is a form of yoga that follows a smooth transition of yoga poses. However, the focus is on the connection of breathing with the yoga poses being performed.

Spiritual Norms of Flow Yoga

Energy flows through you whenever you breath in and out. So the concentration is being paid to how well your sync with your posing routine, so that an efficient flow of energy could be there. It facilitates you with improves consciousness of your body, your thoughts, habits, emotions and feelings.

Although body positioning while practicing flow yoga does matter, but more focus is on the flow between the various yoga poses. To the end, you learn how to surrender yourself, and fin pleasure or ease within yourself.

Where to Practice Yoga Vinyasa

If you are a beginner, enrolling in a yoga center that is certified with yoga alliance could be a great start. Not only you learn under the guidance of experienced and certified yoga instrructors but also will have a certification that is valid across the world.

What to Practice

With a plenty of creativity at hand, you can practice flow yoga in a sequence you are comfortable with. Just keep in mind, you need to link the breath with the asana movement.

Sun Salutation

It consists of small yoga poses set in a sequence. When you practice Sun Salutation, you start from point A and complete a cycle to reach a point B. Therefore, it make the yoga practitioner to flow a certain flow while practicing flow yoga.

Standing Balance

This yoga sequence could be used to warm up the body and to open up the inner and the outer hips for upcoming yoga sequences. It focuses on the improvement of the single leg balance.

Energizing Solar Sequence

In case you miss your early morning yoga session, this particular yoga sequence can be practiced in the mid-morning or early afternoon. It increases your heart rate, resulting in warming your body. By repeating the same sequence over and over again, you learn to shit from your intellectual thinking to your intuitive thinking.

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What you need is your focused mind and body, so that you practice whole heartedly. Being consciously aware of your being not only yields better results but also help to have a more effective yoga session. Anyone can practice the flow yoga, no matter what your goal is. The ever-going sequence of the vinyasa yoga tones your body and calms your mind by making you focus in the present moment.

Beginner Tip

If you uncomfortable while practicing any yoga pose, don’t force it. If needed, practice under the guidance of a trained professional yoga teacher.


While practicing the flow yoga, extensive care need to be taken to not force the yoga practice by increasing the pace. Being mindful of your body movement will help you to avoid any injury, to never your balance while shifting from one yoga pose to the other, and to never perform a yoga pose out of your limit.

Though the pace of the yoga vinyasa needs to be fast, but it doesn’t mean to sacrifice the body posture for its sake.

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