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How Vinyasa Flow Is Enough to Make You Fit

How Vinyasa Flow Is Enough to Make You Fit

Vinyasa yoga or vinyasa flow makes use of a smooth sequence of yoga poses in which you shuffle from one pose to the other without breaking the flow. Eventually, your body undergoes a constant physical pressure and tension, and test your will power to keep going through your yoga practice.

Thus, the question arises that whether practicing vinyasa flow is sufficient for you to be fit or not. Hence, you must look for the evident changes when you practice vinyasa flow to confirm whether your fitness level is undergoing any change or whether it remains unchanged.

How Vinyasa Flow Helps You To Become Fit


The fitness of your lungs, heart, and blood vessels comes under the scope of the cardio-respiratory system. When you practice vinyasa flow, your cardio-respiratory fitness improves, improving your stamina, lowering your heart-related issues, managing your diabetes, and minimizing the risk of cancer.

Muscular Fitness

Is it but obvious that when you practice hardcore exercises, the muscle ligaments break. However, you rest and nourish your body with adequate nutrients, the new ligaments that form are stronger and lesser prone to any injury.


The only drawback when you train in a gym or use heavyweights is that you compromise with the flexibility of your body. However, vinyasa flow does not limit your one dimension for the sake of the other. Also read What to expect at first vinyasa yoga class

Body Re-composition

The concept of body re-composition comes into play when Vinyasa flow is practiced regularly. Body re-composition means that you are losing fat while building muscles simultaneously. Not just fat, your bone density improves, the functioning of your internal organs maximizes, and there is an improvement in nonfat tissues.

Testing Your Limits

To know whether you are fit or not, there are plenty of physical tests that you can give. It has been seen that people who use heavy weights or prefer gym over body weight exercises are good with heavyweight exercises. However, they lack endurance and flexibility, or any functional strength.

Vinyasa flow thus can be practiced not just by a layman who want to level up their physique but can also be practiced by sports person competing at a professional level. It improves your tendon and tissues’ strength, and improve your current physical level.

When the physical actions get the support of the power of breath, your body and mind transform much faster. That is why vinyasa flow works so efficiently for you when it comes to becoming fit. You learn to use your energy efficiently, improving your overall performance.

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