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Legs Up The Wall Pose

Legs Up The Wall Pose: Everything You Should Know

Do you know legs are the most used muscles in the human body? So, you should know how to relax them and remove their fatigue or tension. Hence, the Legs Up the Wall pose should be in your routine if you wish to live a healthy life.

A little discomfort in your legs can hamper the working of your entire body. It disrupts the balance of your body and you won’t feel like moving your body. It could lead to other issues in your body. So, you must practice the Legs Up the Wall Pose.

Legs Up The Wall Pose: What is it?

As depicted from the name itself, in this pose, you place your legs on the nearby walls. It is a yoga pose that improves the flow of blood in your legs.

Moreover, the Legs Up the Wall pose improves the flexibility of your legs. It also works on the heart. Practicing this pose lowers the pressure on your heart to pump blood to faraway body parts.

Further, practicing this pose relaxes your spine and shoulder muscles. It is the best relaxing and rejuvenating yoga pose that you should practice daily.

Legs Up The Wall Pose: Basic Steps

Here are the basics steps to practice the Legs Up the Wall pose. Read on.

  1. Choose a flat surface to lie down.
  2. Make sure it is near a wall so that you can place your legs on it.
  3. Moreover, place soft padding under your lower back.
  4. Raise your legs and place them by the wall.
  5. Slowly move your hips towards the wall using your hands.
  6. Make sure your legs are straight when you place them against the wall.
  7. If there is a natural curve in your spine, that is fine.
  8. However, do not lift your spine off the ground.
  9. Breathe deep and slow to completely relax your mind and body.

Benefits of Practicing Legs Up The Wall Pose

You might be thinking about what good you get when you practice this pose regularly. For that, go through the following points.

Improves Blood Flow

Practicing the Legs Up the Wall pose boosts the blood flow in not just your legs but the overall body. The raised stance of your legs removes fatigue from them.

In short, you feel a lot better when your muscles get adequate oxygen from the blood. It makes your legs stronger and boosts your muscle endurance.

Relaxes Your Muscles

If you want to have a healthy life, you should learn to relax your muscles. That is where the Legs Up the Wall pose helps you out.

The placement of your legs purifies the lymphatic system of your body. It removes toxins present in the blood as well as muscles of your body.

Hence, you feel a lot better with the regular practice of Legs Up the Wall pose. Your muscles relax to the greatest degree which rejuvenates your body.

Improves Flexibility

Keeping your legs straight while lying down stretches the hamstrings and calves muscles. You can also pull your feet toward your shin to extend the effect of stretching.

Further, you can also increase the intensity by moving your hips towards the wall. It also works on your lower back.

Hence, the Legs Up the Wall pose is one of the best passive yoga poses that increases your flexibility and mobility.

Lower Pressure on Heart

The heart has to work extra hard to pump blood to your head and legs when you are walking. However, the moment you lie down, it becomes easier for your heart to push blood to your head and feet.

Hence, your heart gets the time to rest and relax. You live longer since your heart won’t push to its limit to work efficiently.


The Legs Up the Wall pose brings out the best practices in yoga for you. You barely do anything and still get the most out of your yoga practice. However, you need to construct a yoga routine in which this pose gets fits.

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Moreover, you should learn from certified yoga teachers about various other yoga poses that are going to benefit you. Just make sure you practice yoga consistently. Practice slowly to stay away from injuries. Over time, you are going to reach your desired goal.

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