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Let Your Little Ones Enjoy Good Health with Kid Yoga Poses

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy – True saying. It means that apart from education your child should also get to enjoy a physical activity in daily life. With intellect your kid should also do a little bit of yoga. Yes! There are some kid yoga poses that can help your little one become strong.

As your little one cannot lift heavy weight or take part in competitive sports, yoga is a safe option. But, that is not all. Yoga offers many impressive benefits for your kids.

Benefits of Kid Yoga Poses

Yoga is the perfect way for you to support the growth of your kid’s mind and body. Daily practice of kid yoga poses offers you benefits like:

  • Boosts HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and growth-releasing hormones in children
  • Improves muscular strength and minimizes risk of musculoskeletal injury
  • Helps rest the hyperactive mind and body
  • Helps build a flexible and agile body
  • Regulates hormonal activity during growing years
  • Improves cognitive abilities
  • Improves memory power
  • Helps develop physical consciousness and awareness
  • Improves determination and will power

Isn’t Yoga Hard for Kids?

Yoga contains different techniques and body postures. You do each one of these using a specific technique and modification. The use of yoga props makes kid yoga poses easier for your children. These yoga poses are easy even for preschooler and school going children.

Yes! Yoga asanas exhaust your body and mind. For some yoga asanas you need advanced-level muscle power, mental control and awareness. So, you should not enroll the kids in a Hot or Vinyasa yoga class.

The hard poses in yoga work on muscle enhancement and body toning. But those with the most benefits for the body and mind are doable for your little one.

How Does Yoga Improve My Kid’s Body?

Daily yoga practice offers your body some amazing benefits. Here yoga experts have mentioned 2 of these.

  1. Stimulates the Nervous System Some kid yoga poses soothe your kid’s Central and Peripheral Nervous System. The static holds and tension within these optimize the neurons along the neural pathway. In the long run this improves your motor skills and cognitive abilities. It also minimizes stress and improves electrical response by autonomic nerves. This helps in faster analysis of brain signals.

  2. Improves Metabolism For proper growth of the physiology of your kid’s mind and body, nutrients are important. But sometimes providing them with all the essential nutrients does not works. It happens when your body does not get the right nutrient management. It is where yoga comes into the picture. Some yoga poses improve your kid’s digestion and improve its metabolism. This increased metabolism ensures all developing cells in your kid’s body pass the chemical reaction to absorb the important nutrients. It also helps in the transportation and synthesis of these nutrients.

Now, let us find out how kid yoga poses improve your little one’s mental health.

Effect of Yoga on Kid’s Mental Health

The effect of kid yoga poses on your little one’s mind is another area that deserves focus. Practicing yoga has a significant impact on the human mind and its entire neurological system. These changes help your kids develop new intellectual abilities.

Practicing yoga impacts different areas of your kid’s mind. It unlocks the many dormant intellectual abilities of your brain. Your kids develop emotional understanding, compassion, and controlled stress response.

Yoga stimulates the Prefrontal Cortex. It also helps your kids develop self-restraint and discipline. Such behavior is beneficial when it comes to developing a good career, maintaining good health and academics. Daily practice of yoga improves the mind-body connection. Your kids also develop mental awareness which helps them become responsible adults in the future.

To reap these benefits you should know the right kid yoga poses. Yoga experts have come up with a list of these.

3 Kid Yoga Poses

Given below are 3 yoga poses which your little ones can do with ease.

  1. Tree Pose If you want your kids to develop a good body structure, help them learn the Tree pose. It is an excellent yoga exercise for your little ones to develop body muscles and peripheral nerve functions. Daily practice helps your children develop strength, balance, and endurance.

  2. Half Lord of Fishes Pose The Half Lord of Fishes is one of the best kid yoga poses. It offers a relaxing spinal twist which is good for your kid. Daily practice helps improve the functioning of your children’s Central Nervous System. It also improves their metabolism.

  3. Thunderbolt Pose Thunderbolt pose is best for improving your kid’s digestion and metabolism. Practicing this yoga pose after meals improves their digestive tract’s health. In the long run this helps them relieve gas, improve blood flow and balance hormonal activities.

Your kid’s require a balance of mental and physiological stimulation. Academics might help them rank number one in the class. But the kid yoga poses help them live a long and healthy life.


Want your kids to develop a tough mind and strong body? You can enroll them in a certified yoga classes to learn kid yoga poses from experienced yoga teachers.

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