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Mountain pose

Mountain Pose: A Brief Guide For Beginners

Beginners have a hard time in the yoga world when it comes to practicing yoga poses. Their bodies are not ready to take on demanding physical movements. So, it might feel a little intimidating to observe others manipulating their bodies as per their wishes. If you want to get started with practicing yoga poses without any pressure, Mountain pose is perfect for you.

From minimal movement to the most effective asana, it has a lot to offer to yoga beginners. But many yoga practitioners take it only as standing still posture. That is where they are completely wrong. So, it would be a wise decision to know how to do it and how it benefits you. Read on.

Steps to Do Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

  • This is a standing yoga pose. So, your starting position will be to stand on both feet.
  • Span out your toes and fingers a little wider to create a solid base to stand tall.
  • Make sure your feet are strongly rooted into the ground.
  • Engage your legs to raise your quads. This results in the rise of your knee caps towards your pelvis.
  • Widen your sit bones by doing an internal rotation of your hips.
  • Further, make sure you form a natural curve in your spine.
  • Moreover, engage your stomach by sucking it in a little.
  • Do not forget to align your shoulder bones over your pelvis.
  • Your arms should hang naturally by your side. Rotate your palms to face the front.
  • Raise your crown towards the ceiling.
  • When all these points are in check, stand in this pose for 5 to 8 seconds.

Common Mistakes While Practicing Mountain Pose

  1. Rushing Through Pose
    The biggest mistake that yoga beginners do is rush through the practice. The temptation to practice Mountain pose faster could hamper your growth.

The trick is to get in touch with your body and be mindful. You should have the perfect form to practice this pose.

  1. Wrong Rotation
    As a beginner, you might not be aware of the body’s internal as well as external rotations. Therefore, you can easily do a wrong rotation which causes discomfort.

So, it is one of the most common mistakes that a yoga beginner commits frequently while practicing the Mountain pose.

  1. Body Alignment
    Not aligning your body in a single file could cause various problems. Your neck might hang in front of you and that puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

Hence, you can’t be in the position for longer while practicing the Mountain pose. That is why you should know how to align your body in perfect sync for better results.

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Benefits of Practicing Mountain Pose

Here are some of the major benefits of practicing the Mountain pose. Go through these to enhance your knowledge of this powerful yoga asana.

Tight Muscles

Standing in the Mountain pose tightens your muscles and bones. Engaging and squeezing your muscles removes their fatigue and tension.

Furthermore, when you release the tight muscles, it boosts the blood flow in your body. Hence, everything gets renewed and that improves your overall health.

Stronger Mind-Muscle Connection

You need to engage every little muscle present inside your body while practicing the Mountain pose. This helps in improving your mind and muscle connection.

You become aware of which muscle is activated and which muscle to let loose. Hence, you learn to control your body by pushing it beyond any means.

Balanced Body

The Mountain Pose is a standing pose that actively uses your core and legs. So, with consistent practice, your balance improves.

In short, you do not fall while practicing any other yoga poses. Also, you learn to connect with the ground beneath your feet.

Strong Legs

Legs are one of the most used muscles in the human body. Therefore, you need to learn how to squeeze and relax these muscles.

Hence, practicing the Mountain pose improves the strength of your legs. Furthermore, you don’t get tired easily.

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As you see, practicing the Mountain pose is fairly easy. Not just that, it offers numerous benefits that are going to change your life for good. Therefore, make sure you make it a part of your life to work on your overall growth.

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