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Plank Pose

Plank Pose: Beginners’ Guide to Better Core

Do you want to build a great foundation for the upcoming complex yoga poses? Well, in that case, the Plank pose is just the thing for you. From stronger abdominal muscles to flexible wrists, this grounding yoga pose has so much to offer. Moreover, practicing the Plank pose improves the grip and strength of the muscles around the spine.

Hence, it improves your overall body posture. It also prepares you for other yoga poses that focus on your core muscles. You can inculcate this yoga pose into various other yoga forms to ensure you are always practicing this pose. Let us have a glimpse of how to practice this pose. Roll further.

Simple Steps to Do Plank Pose

  1. Either you can get into a Downward Dog pose or simply lie on the ground.
  2. From either of the starting position, move your hips in parallel to the floor.
  3. Moreover, place your hands on the ground where your shoulders should be in alignment with your wrists.
  4. Make sure you balance your weight on your toes and wrists.
  5. Furthermore, your spine should be parallel to the ground.
  6. You must engage your scapula muscles by pushing your shoulders away from your ears.
  7. Keep your arms and legs straight and core tight.
  8. Breathe normally in this stance for as long as you can without letting go of the current form.

This is a variation of the Plank pose that beginners should start with. However, if you are athletic and already possess basic strength in your arms and legs, you should check out the following variation of the Plank pose.

Best Plank Pose Variation

Balance your body on your arms and legs with your abdomen lifted against gravity. Now, instead of using your wrists, you should place your elbows on the ground.

Place your palms on the floor after balancing your weight on your elbows. Furthermore, keep pushing your ears away from your shoulders to keep your scapula muscles engaged.

This is another variation of the Plank pose that increases the intensity on your core, lower back, and shoulder muscles. So, make sure you practice this after your body has grown accustomed to the other variation.

Benefits of Practicing Plank Pose

The Plank pose holds a treasure of benefits for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners. Check out the following points to become aware of so that you stay motivated to practice this pose. Keep reading.

Better Upper-Body Strength

Holding your body against gravity puts a lot of pressure and intensity on your body. Therefore, it leads to an isometric hold. When your body enters an isometric hold, it improves blood circulation and muscle growth.
Therefore, practicing the Plank pose improves your upper body power. It builds strength in your arms, core, and upper back.

Tight Core

Plank pose is one of the best yoga poses for a tight core. It works on the abdominal muscles and the muscles surrounding your spine. Hence, you get stronger abdominal muscles and the perfect posture.

With a tight posture, you stay from injuries and muscle imbalance. Therefore, you are always in the best shape of your life when you inculcate the Plank pose into your yoga routine.

Spinal Stability

The human spine has varying ranges of motion. However, in today’s time, most of the movement is done in the front bending motion. This minimizes the back and sideways motion of the spine.

Practicing the Plank pose increases the spinal stability and range of motion. Hence, you are free to move your body the way you want.

Stronger Wrists, Forearms, and Toes

Wrists and forearms are the weakest when you do not put any pressure on your upper body. This does not allows your body to push past its limits. Hence, practicing the Plank pose works on your wrists, forearms, and toes.

In short, you get more blood in your smaller joints which improves their power and functionality.

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Wrap Up

The Plank pose nourishes your body internally as well as externally. Therefore, you must inculcate it in your life to get the most out of your yoga practice and live a healthy & happy life.

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