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Supine Twist Pose

Everything You Need to Know About Supine Twist Pose

Does your job demand to sit for long hours? If yes, you might suffer from various back and spine issues. Moreover, your muscles and spine stiffen up which could hamper your physical movement. Hence, to have perfect spinal health & movement, you should practice Supine Twist Pose on a regular basis.

Before going on to various benefits of Supine Pose, let’s understand how to do it. That will help you practice Supine Twist Pose without any issue. Keep reading.

Steps to Practice Supine Twist Pose

Before practicing the Supine Twist Pose, make sure you have a large space to move your body. Once you do that, follow the below-mentioned steps to practice the Supine Twist Pose.

  • Lie on your back on a yoga mat
  • Bend your left knee while grazing your left foot with the ground
  • Make sure your left knee is pointed towards the sky
  • Slightly move your hips to the right using your left foot as a support
  • Further, stack one left hip slightly over the right hip to move into a twist
  • Exhale and push your left knee into your chest
  • Further, slowly bring your left foot over to your right side
  • Keep you right leg straight
  • Ensure your shoulders are tightly stuck to the ground
  • Get back to the neutral position and repeat the twist on your right leg

Common Mistakes to Avoid

If you are practicing the Supine Twist Pose for the first time, you might commit various mistakes. Let’s have a look at what you should keep in check.


Many yoga practitioners stop breathing while twisting their legs over the midway. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Try to breathe even if you have to breathe slowly. This allows muscles to relax and stretch in a particular stance while you are practicing Supine Pose.

Pressing Knees to the Ground

As a beginner, you might not be able to touch your left knee over your right side. That is natural. Hence, you should never forcefully push or press your knees to the ground. Take your knees as far as you feel comfortable.

Lifting Your Shoulders

While practicing the Supine Twist Pose, make sure you do not lift your shoulders. That is going to lessen the impact of the pose over your spine. Hence, to reap the maximum benefits from it, keep your shoulders pasted to the ground while twisting your body.

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Variations of Supine Twist Pose

In case you are unable to practice the conventional Supine Twist Pose, you can always make little changes to the form. Let’s have a look at what can you change to avoid injury.

  • If you find it hard to press your knee into the ground, use a yoga pillow or bolster.
  • Place a yoga bolster nearby you so that you can touch your knee over the pillow.
  • Over time, when you gain more flexibility, you should get rid of the pillow.
  • If your shoulders keep on lifting up, try to first focus on keeping your shoulders down.
  • Let your knee hang in the air if you have tight hamstrings or hips.

Major Benefits of Supine Twist Pose

Let’s read some of the major benefits of practicing Supine Twist Pose.

Better Flexibility

The bending stance increases the overall agility, mobility, and flexibility of your spine. Moreover, it focuses on the oblique muscles that support your spine. Hence, you can easily move your body in the desired direction.

More Range of Motion

Stiff muscles hamper your movement. This not just put a barrier to your free movement but also put a stop to your exercise routine. Hence, practicing the Supine Pose improves the range of motion of your muscles and spinal bones.

Less Pain & Stiffness

With a sedentary lifestyle, your body becomes stiff and hard. It leads to injuries. Moreover, there is no power or functional strength left inside your body. Practicing the Supine Pose encourages your body to move freely. Hence, it becomes easy for you to move around without any hassle.

Wrap Up

The Supine Twist Pose balances your spine in the most convenient manner. Just don’t push your body at first. Keep practicing at your pace to master the spinal twist and have perfect spine health.

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