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Top 5 Yoga Vinyasa Poses to Start With

Top 5 Yoga Vinyasa Poses to Start With

Vinyasa yoga serves as an open system of yoga practice where yoga practitioners continuously shift the power and pace of their yoga asanas. It is not something being forced on you rather a highly co-operative movement to get closer to yourself. Various Vinyasa yoga poses are practiced while maintaining a perfect flow of physical movement and breathing.
If you want to start your Vinyasa yoga journey, try the following flow yoga sequences. Keep reading.

Best Vinyasa Yoga Poses Sequences

  1. Sun Salutation A
    Sun Salutation is basically a collection of various yoga poses for your overall growth and wellness. It works on your arms strength, legs flexibility, back mobility, shoulder strength, and much more.

Start with standing mountain pose and raise your arms over your head. Slowly bend forward while keeping your legs straight. Move your right leg forward the way you are performing a forward lunge, and place your hands on the ground. Push your hips towards the sky while keeping your back straight.

Slowly bring left leg in front of you to get into a forward bend position. Stand straight with your arms in front of you to complete a cycle. Focus on controlled breathing while shifting from one yoga pose to the other.

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  1. Side Plank Pose
    It could be a challenging yoga pose as it tests your balance and core strength. Moreover, you are able to engage your thighs and hips muscles while practicing the side plank pose. Since the body weight is balanced on either your extended arm or elbow, it builds the arm strength as well.

To start with, rely on your one arm and one leg, and keep your side straight, so that the body weight falls on the leg and the arm. Don’t let the hips sag down, and extend the other arm to the ceiling while keeping your back straight.

  1. Standing Forward Bend
    It is one of the most basic vinyasa yoga pose you can do to increase your hamstrings and hips flexibility. Since your back is following a motion of forward bend and a slight backward tilt, it helps in release of any stiffness from the spine.

To begin with, stand tall on a yoga mat with your feet a little wide apart. Extend your arms over your head and try to reach as far as possible. Slowly bend forward while keeping your legs straight. Hold it for a while, and then raise your body back up. Focus on your inhale and exhale while performing the pose.

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  1. Cat-Cow Stretch
    Cat posse and cow pose are basically to entirely different yoga poses. However, they are always preferred to be practiced in a single sequence while practicing yoga vinyasa. The yoga pose helps with upper back flexibility, shoulder mobility, and hip flexibility.

To perform the cat-cow stretch, get on your all-fours. Keep your palms just below your shoulders, and your hips should be right above your knees. Inhale and look up to stretch your back, and the entire spine.

Exhale slowly and let your shoulder loose, and arch your back while pushing the shoulder blades apart. Also, pull your navel towards your spine for core stability.

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5. Mountain Pose to Upward Salute
Mountain pose requires you to engage every muscle of your body while standing straight. For onlookers, it might look that you are just standing there. However, you are building a strong mind-muscle connection while contracting every muscle you have.

To begin with, stand straight with your feet a few inches apart. Join your hands in a prayer position, and slowly raise your arms over your head. Inhale while lifting your arms to collect all your energy up your body. Exhale while bringing your arms to the center of your body.

Basically, while practicing Vinyasa yoga, you need to track of maintaining a flow while having a transitioning from one yoga asana to the other. There are countless benefits you can have by practicing yoga regularly.

You experience being one with yourself when you sync your breath with your physical self. It makes your mindful, calm, and further help you to embrace, and enjoy your life completely.

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