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Top 6 Vinyasa Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Top 6 Vinyasa Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Vinyasa Yoga for Weight Loss – Want to get in shape? Not a big fan of heavyweight exercises? Practice various Vinyasa yoga poses if you want to lose weight and gain a decent amount of muscle. There are countless poses of vinyasa yoga that you can practice daily.

The best thing about Vinyasa yoga is that you have countless options, ever-changing yoga sequences, and a dynamic yoga routine to not let your body adapt to a single exercise. You always can shock the body with an intense or moderate yoga poses sequence.

Here’s a list of a few Vinyasa yoga poses that you can practice to lose weight or shed some fat off your body. Read on.

Best Vinyasa Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Practicing various Vinyasa yoga for weight loss is the best option to burn calories and lose weight as you move from one yoga pose to another. The below-mentioned Vinyasa yoga poses themselves need core strength from the end of a practitioner as there is a need to challenge all the major muscle groups while practicing these poses. So, let’s have a nudge on the best Vinyasa yoga poses that can not only help you reduce fat but also tone your body, letting you flaunt a great physique.

Sun Salutations Yoga for weight loss

Sun Salutations comprises 12 basic yoga poses in which you shift from one yoga asana to the other in a flow, maintaining a proper form, and never really stopping between the poses.

Sun Salutations

Therefore, your body never rests, and you have a raised heartbeat throughout the yoga session. Since various yoga poses are involved, you have a full-body workout that stretches, tones, and trims your muscles.

Shoulder Stand Yoga for weight loss

The shoulder joint is regarded as the weakest link in the human body. A maximum number of injuries that people have occurs in the shoulder region, especially sports-related injuries. Therefore, it becomes a dire need to make your shoulders bulletproof.

Shoulder Stand

Start by lying on the floor with your hands and legs by your side. With a gentle push, raise your legs high in the air and place your hand on your back to support your legs. The pose helps in better digestion, boosts your metabolism, and balance your thyroid levels.

Bridge Pose Yoga for weight loss

Having core strength is a must when it comes to mastering your body. Bridge pose trains your hips, shoulders, back, and neck muscles.

bridge pose

Lie down on your back with your legs fully extended and your arms by your side. Slowly fold your legs and place your feet in alignment with your knees. Push your hips towards the ceiling and form an arc with your back. It helps in releasing in-built tension from your spine and hips.

Bow Pose Yoga for weight loss

Want a ripped abdomen? Practicing bow pose entitles you with a strong core area. It massages your internal organs since the weight is balanced on your waist and stomach. However, when you hold your feet with your arms, you engage your hips muscles, hamstrings, shoulders, and chest muscles.

bow pose

To begin with, lie on your stomach and fold your legs. Get your hands back to hold the feet. Gently pull your legs with your hands to lift your upper and lower body off the floor. Be mindful of your breathing, and try to hold the pose for as much as possible.

Triangle Pose Yoga for weight loss

Love-handles are the area around your waist on each side. When you practice triangle pose, you either hold the static position where you are bent on a single leg, or you move like a pendulum between your starting and ending position. It is one of the best vinyasa yoga poses that follows a smooth ‘flow’.

triangle pose

It improves the blood flood of your entire body and stretches your hamstrings and waist area. Thus, your visceral fat melts under the constant tension of body movement. In turn, you gain strong hamstrings and calves muscles, and your spine undergoes a twisting and turning motion to further release the stress.

Warrior Pose Yoga for weight loss

Warrior poses a shuffle between a lunge position and balancing your body on one leg. The longer you hold the pose, the better will be the flexibility of your legs. Within minutes, you can feel your quads burning, your inner thighs and hips muscles will be shrieking with so much intensity.

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To make it even more difficult, raise your hands above your head. It makes balancing much more difficult. Moreover, when you raise your hands over your head, you feel a stretch in your chest, obliques and love handles. Hence, when you hold the lunge position, you work on your belly and thighs muscles.

Practicing vinyasa yoga poses do launch you towards a healthy life. However, when you complement your yoga practice with healthy eating habits, your progress improves by many folds. You get your ideal physique that is both strong and flexible.

Moreover, various yoga asanas help you to have strong bones, muscle tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues. Therefore, you enjoy injury-free life when you make yoga practice a thing in your routine.

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Vinyasa yoga for weight loss is counted as the best yoga form that works on both your mind and body. Thus, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and strength in the body. Vinyasa yoga is not about losing weight only, instead you can incorporate this practice in your daily routine if looking to improve flexibility, reduce stress, inculcate proper breathing, enjoy cardiovascular benefits, detoxification, and do a lot more.

Though all the Vinyasa yoga poses given in the article can benefit you to shed some extra pounds, however keep in mind to focus on having the training of poses from an expert to avoid any injury.

Consider that, no workout works well with insufficient knowledge. So, while doing all these Vinyasa yoga poses, we recommend you take care of yourself and have proper guidance from an expert regarding how to do a Vinyasa yoga pose in an accurate manner.

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