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What is Vipassana Meditation and its Major Benefits

Vipassana Meditation – Almost everyone is going through some kind of stress. Be it mental or physical, stress can lead to mental clutter. Therefore, you need to understand that a calm mind is key to live a peaceful and happy life. If you want to calm your mind, practicing Vipassana meditation is a perfect choice for you. Novice yoga practitioners might be thinking about what is Vipassana meditation. Thus, to have better clarity, go through the following points.

What is Vipassana Meditation?

Practiced around 2500 years ago by Gautam Buddha, Vipassana meditation is one of the oldest meditation techniques. The focus of this meditation practice is self-awareness and self-observation.

To practice meditation, all you have to do is to bring your focus on your breath. That’s it! Sitting in a crossed-legged position makes it easy to move within your body. Thus, you become aware of your body and mind.

Major Benefits of Vipassana Meditation

Bringing your attention to your breath helps you keep your monkey mind in control. The following are some of the major benefits of practicing Vipassana. Keep reading to learn more.


When you sit quietly in a crossed-legged position, you move your attention within you. It helps you to become aware of what is going in your mind. The more you practice Vipassana meditation, the more you learn about your inner functioning.

The ultimate aim of meditation is self-awareness. Thus, you learn about different reactions of your mind.

Quiet Mind

The human mind is always hopping from one point to the other. Once you get entangled in a single thought, you find yourself drowning in countless thoughts. Therefore, it is very important to silent your mind. That is where Vipassana practice plays a vital role.

You learn how to slow your mental activity. Hence, you become conscious of your thoughts. It helps you remain unaffected that leads to a quiet mind.


Observation is key to having a peaceful and serene life. Vipassana meditation practice helps you to observe your thoughts from a distance. When you do so, you come to realize what are the things that are bothering you.

Hence, you train your mind to be observant rather than falling into the pit of overthinking without a single thought. Observation further helps you to be aware of how you sit, talk, and strive in the world.

Empower Yourself

Difficult situations are around the corner in life. Sometimes, something can break you badly in life. Some people give up the moment they lose something in life. However, when you practice Vipassana meditation, you learn to get up again and again.

You bounce back each time you fall. Hence, it strengthens your resilience and willpower. With consistent practice of Vipassana meditation, you learn to overcome obstacles in your life.

More Prana Energy

Your body works on prana energy. Prana energy is the energy you get when you breathe. Your sole focus while practicing Vipassana meditation is on your breath. Thus, it improves the flow of prana energy in your body.

Prana energy restores your depleted energy stores. Moreover, you become more active and resilient. Hence, the practice of Vipassana meditation is very important if you want to increase your prana energy.

Inner Peace

Every being in this universe strives for mental and inner peace. It is when you bring your attention to your breath that you become aware of your breathing. Once you remain focused on your breath, you pull your mind from mental chatter.

The lesser you are entangled in your mental chatter, the more at peace you will be. Hence, you live a peaceful life.

Sum Up

Vipassana meditation helps you connect with the source of every living thing. You become aware of your breathing that makes you conscious of your prana energy. Hence, with consistent practice, you get rid of all the negative elements from your life.

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