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What to Expect At First Vinyasa Yoga Class

What to Expect At First Vinyasa Yoga Class

Are you thinking about practicing Vinyasa yoga for the very first time? Don’t you think you should clear any doubts or questions before enrolling in yoga class? Even if you are an experienced yoga practitioner but have never practiced Vinyasa yoga, there are things you need to be aware of.

Just like every beginner, it is very natural that you might be a little nervous to try something new for the very first time. However, you need not dwell much over the thought, rather put your focus to simply understand a few things that might help you have a smooth and easy yoga sessions.

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

For starters, Vinyasa yoga is also known as flow yoga. As depicted from the name itself, the yoga practice follows a flow, without any break in between the different yoga poses. In the absence of any rest between the poses, the pace of the class goes fast.

It could be a perfect substitute for the people looking for an option to replace their cardio sessions. When you practice Vinyasa yoga, you work on your stamina, endurance, muscle conditioning, and much more. Moreover, when you practice flow yoga, you also work on syncing your breathing with different yoga asanas and thus have better control over your breath.

Things To Expect At Vinyasa Yoga Session

Fast Pace
You might have practiced other yoga forms, but Vinyasa yoga is the fastest yoga practice you can ever go through. Wit ever-changing yoga poses, that too without any rest between them, makes it very hard for new yogis to catch up with the class.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to rush things. All you need to do is to walk at your own pace, so that, you can avoid any injury.

Too Much Sweating
Since you won’t be having any rest, your body heats up quickly, leaving you sweating. However, ensure that before diving deeper into yogic practice, you have a proper warm-up to avoid any muscle spasm or sprain.

Moreover, you can expect that when you practice in a rushed yoga class, people around you will also be sweating, and you might feel their sweat landing on you. Therefore, either you can jump off to the front of the class or can look for another spacious yoga class. Always remember to carry an extra pair of towels to clean off excessive sweating.

Gasping for Air
Even if you are an active person, a session of Vinyasa yoga can leave you gasping for air because of its ability to replace your cardio session. When you indulge in a first-ever vinyasa yoga practice, you realize your lungs pushing harder to sustain your activity.

Over time, you witness an improvement in your fitness level, with better mind-muscle coordination. Also, your muscles’ capacity to hold and burn fuel increases by many folds.

Conscious Breathing
The aim of flow yoga is to sync your breathing with your physical asanas. According to yoga philosophy, if you can control your breath, you can control your mind. Moreover, when you breathe consciously, you become aware of your physical movement, bringing your attention to the present.

Breath is also called ‘Prana’, i.e. the life force running within your physical body. When you practice Vinyasa yoga, breath is used to harness energy from your entire being to accumulate in one location, so that, you can have more power to complete your practice.

Energizing Experience
There are various forms of yoga that work on different aspects of your being. Vinyasa yoga, with its physical and mental aspects, boosts your depleted energy cycles. Physical activity releases any stress or anxiety that will clear off any negative or ill thoughts from your psyche.

When you feel relaxed, your mind and body work in a harmony to achieve greater heights. Your mental structure and working improve, and you experience an overall good mood.

Letting Go
Have you ever stuck onto something in your life? Did you notice how restless you had been then? While practicing Vinyasa yoga, you come across various difficult and complex yoga poses. It is not mandatory for you to perform each and every asana you come across in your practice.

Thus, you need to let go of your ego and focus on what you can do rather than hovering over your limitations. You surrender instead of pushing against the flow of nature.

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Wrap Up

When you enroll in a Vinyasa yoga class, having a little knowledge about it can help you to have a better experience. Moreover, you won’t feel out of place or disconnected. Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind can help you have a profound yoga experience.

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