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Yoga Alliance Certification: Things You Need To Know

Yoga Alliance Certification: Things You Need To Know

Yoga is a traditional practice that has been squeezed into the western way of lifestyle. It is because of such an amalgamation of different cultures that it becomes a dire need to know whether the yoga source is reliable or not. That’s where Yoga Alliance Certification plays a vital role.

What is Yoga Alliance Certification?

It is an organization founded in 1999 that is responsible for setting standards for yoga professionals around the world. It is an international organization that was started by a few passionate yogis to promote the integrity of yoga. The standard rules need to be followed by yoga schools to match a set standard.

Why You Need Yoga Alliance Certification?

The need arises when you seek a reliable and trust-worthy school to learn yoga. Having Yoga Alliance certification will help you become a yoga teacher in any part of the world. You become a credible person to teach with certification.

Since you will be a part of the yoga community, you learn under the guidance of certified and experienced yoga instructors who are proficient in teaching yoga.

How Yoga Alliance Certification Validates Your Yoga Practice?

There are plenty of perks that Yoga Alliance certification provides you with. Read below to know more about how you will be a step ahead after being a certified yoga instructor.

Listed in Directory

When you get certified with Yoga Alliance certification, you get a registered profile and are added to the directory. You are being provided with the registration number to have better visibility so that you can be targeted by potential clients. Without listed in the directory listing, you need to work harder and might have to invest too to prove your worth and credibility as a yoga instructor.

More Credibility

When you pass the Yoga Alliance teacher training, you become a certified yoga instructor. With global recognition of the certification, you are acknowledged in the yoga community. You become eligible to teach yoga to the learners, open a yoga school or academy. Various yoga schools registered with the Alliance are internationally respected and have top rankings when it comes to being professional at teaching yoga.

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Various online workshops take place year-round to help people learn and educate them. Also, it can be helpful for the yoga teachers to clear off their doubts. Members of Yoga Alliance certification are provided with free access to get the most out of such workshops. The workshops are constructed by some venerable yogis who have far excelled in their fields. They encourage others to take on new challenges and make progress in the field.


A huge chunk of information is being stored on various online indexes, so that, the members can access the required information with ease. If you are an old member, new yoga research or issues are made available at your disposal, so that you can renew your knowledge and upgrade it.

Perks & Discounts

Members enjoy the benefit of various perks such as legal counseling or liability insurance. Having Yoga Alliance certification provides a wide variety of things such as travel opportunities, association with brands, clothing lines, essential oils, and much more.

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Worldwide Interaction

Not only you learn from certified yoga instructors but also get the opportunity to have a conversation with other yoga enthusiasts from all over the world. There you can contact and interact with some of the best yogis from every corner of the world. The diversity and integrity of yoga thus propelled through the exchange of cultures.

All things considered, it can be said that Yoga Alliance certification plays a vital role in your yogic journey. The relevance of the certification is much more than just a certificate. Basically, it provides you with a new platform to propel your growth much further.

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