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Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Beginner’s Guide to Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

With time, the ancient art of yoga has transitioned into different styles. There is Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin, and Restorative yoga. One of these is the Shakti Vinyasa yoga which offers you tons of mental and physical health benefits.

However, that is not all. There is a lot this yoga style has to offer.

Therefore, to make it simpler for you to understand Shakti Vinyasa, the yoga experts have come up with a small guide.

Guide to Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

The word Vinyasa comes from the Sanskrit language and means to place in a special manner. In terms of yoga practice, you can think of Shakti Vinyasa yoga as any movement performed in a mindful and methodical fashion to create the right atmosphere for meditation and devotion.

However, in the modern yoga practices, the word Vinyasa has a different meaning. Here, you practice Vinyasa in combination of different body movements to form a dynamic sequence.

What About the Difference Between Ashtanga and Shakti Vinyasa Yoga?

Keep in mind that forms of Shakti Vinyasa yoga are based on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Let us see what makes one different from another.

On the one hand, Ashtanga yoga contains a fixed sequence of body postures which you have to practice every day. You only move ahead in this yoga style once the teacher is sure of your mastery over the previous sequences. Moreover, with the sequence being fixed you have to remember and practice it with own pace of breathing.

On the other hand, Shakti Vinyasa style is always practiced in a class-based format. The teacher creates new sequences to focus on specific body parts. There is no telling what the next Vinyasa class would offer.

Needless to say, with so much variety to offer, there are some major benefits of Shakti Vinyasa yoga.

Health Benefits of Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

As Shakti Vinyasa yoga offers you a cardio workout and breath-focused meditation, there are some perks of this yoga style which include:

  1. Excellent Cardiovascular & Respiratory Health

With one pose linked to the next one, Shakti Vinyasa offers your body a good cardiovascular workout especially when you do the sequence in fast speed. This also raises your heart rate which leads to sweating. Moreover, since your focus during this yoga style is on breathing, it also exercises your diaphragm and helps maintain excellent respiratory health.

  1. Helps Lose Weight

Although there has been a debate whether Shakti Vinyasa yoga helps one lose weight or not, anecdotal evidence says it does. As a practitioner of this yoga style you will naturally start paying more attention towards diet, and behaviors which help you adopt to a healthy lifestyle.

However, you should know that this yoga style is a bit intense and athletic. With commitment towards the practice you can easily get rid of the extra pounds without much hassle.

  1. Develops Strength

Since the Shakti Vinyasa sequences are practiced with the least amount of momentum, these are effective compound exercises which work on your core and stabilizer muscles. Daily practice helps develop balance in movement which also benefits joint health and equilibrium during later years. This yoga style is quite popular for helping many develop a strong and athletic physique.

Helps Improve Focus

Practicing Shakti Vinyasa yoga requires you to link deep breathing with a smooth body movement. It also includes following specific physical alignments and gazing points. In the long run, this helps you develop solid concentration levels and develop focus and clarity. Moreover, with daily practice you would experience numerous mental and physical health benefits.

Helps Enter “The Flow” State

The Shakti Vinyasa is also known as a type of moving meditation. You have to develop an incredible amount of focus to practice the right body movements and yoga postures. Doing this helps you enter a “flow state” where you become focused on the present moment. You do not worry about the past or the future.

Shakti Vinyasa yoga is an intense yet powerful yoga style that helps you maintain excellent physical and mental health. Make sure you enrol in a certified yoga school to learn and practice this yoga style under the watchful eye of experienced yoga teachers.


Do you want to enjoy good physical and mental health? You should enrol in a certified yoga school to learn and practice under the guidance of yoga experts.

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