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Yoga to Cure Diabetes – The Solution to Handle Diabetes Mellitus

Yoga to Cure Diabetes – The ancient art of yoga not only helps you maintain physical and mental health but also discovers your true self. Yoga helps you develop self-awareness with the right breathing and body movements which safeguard you against numerous health issues. Inculcating yoga for diabetes into your lifestyle keeps you safe from health problems like high blood pressure and mobility among others.

Yoga provides a lot of benefits including deep sleep, improved body posture, relief from chronic conditions, and anxiety among others. It is the reason medical professionals recommend practicing this sacred art especially if you have diabetes.

With that said, first, let us look at how yoga helps you handle the problem of diabetes without any fuss.

Yoga For Diabetes

Yoga is a natural way for you to not just treat but also prevent diabetes without any medications. Numerous studies have shown how regular practice of yoga for diabetes helps reduce stress-related hyperglycemia and control your blood glucose level.

Apart from helping you control blood glucose levels, the level of mental stress is also taken care of. It is an important factor to consider when you are looking for a way to treat this issue.

Under stress, your blood sugar levels increase which highers the risk of a heart disease. Various yogic techniques like deep breathing and meditation help you relax and lower the level of blood sugar.

Benefits of Yoga for Diabetes

However, that is not all yoga does to help you deal with Diabetes. Given below are two major benefits of practicing yoga to take care of this issue.

  1. Helps With Weight Loss

The regular practice of yoga gives your body and mind a good workout. It helps you reduce excess weight which is also one of the reasons behind diabetes.

  1. Rejuvenates Pancreatic Cells

There are specific yoga postures that help you not just relax but also stretch the pancreas which helps in the production of insulin-producing beta cells.

With that said, now let us look at yoga asanas you can practice to handle diabetes without any hassle.

3 Yoga Poses To Handle Diabetes

Given below are the three yoga poses to help you keep Diabetes at bay.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Bhujangasana is the primary pose of Ashtanga yoga and helps with taking care of diabetes. This yoga asana improves your respiratory and digestive process and strengthens the back muscles.

cobra pose

How to Practice the Cobra Pose?

  1. Lie on the yoga mat on your stomach and place your forehead on the mat.
  2. Keep your feet together or hip-width apart. The top of your head should be pressed against the mat.
  3. With your hands on the side, keep your elbows close to your body.
  4. Slowly lift your head and your chest off the yoga mat. Curve your shoulder muscles and try to bring them as close to each other as possible.
  5. Maintain this position for some time with 3 to 5 breaths.
  6. Exhale and lower yourself back to the yoga mat.

Note: While coming back to the starting position try to relax your back muscles. Allow the abdomen, chest, and shoulders to come down slowly.

Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose)

This yoga pose improves your digestion and helps you find relief from digestion-related problems. It is the best yoga asana to lose excess weight which is a contributing factor towards diabetes.

Thunderbolt Pose

Steps to Practice Thunderbolt Pose

  1. Sit on the yoga mat in a comfortable position with both legs stretched out. Keep your hands on the side of your body.
  2. Slowly bend your knees and sit on your buttocks. Keep the sides of your soles closed together.
  3. Interlock the big toes. Keep your spine and neck completely straight in this yoga pose.
  4. Place both your palms on your knees and relax the shoulders. Balance your entire body with deep and even breathing.
  5. Let your mind and body completely relax with slow inhale and exhale.

Note: Do not lean back or let your spine arch backward. Keep both eyes closed and maintain steady but conscious breathing.

Tadasana (Tree Pose)

Tree Pose is an important yoga pose to develop a steady and balanced body. It gives you relief from indigestion, acidity, and flatulence.

Tree Pose

Steps to Practice Tree Pose

  1. Stand straight with both feet slightly apart.
  2. With a deep inhale raise both your arms.
  3. Interlock the fingers in both your arms and pull upwards.
  4. Raise your heels and try to balance yourself on toes.
  5. Now feel the stretching from your toes to your fingers.
  6. Try to maintain this position for as long as you are comfortable.
  7. With a deep exhalation come back to the starting position.

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Although unnecessary weight gain, increased hunger, and thirst are leading causes of diabetes. However, you can take care of this issue by inculcating the aforementioned yoga for diabetes poses and get rid of the issue.

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