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Best Yoga Training in India

We are a globally admired best yoga training school in India where we apprehend that yoga is much more than just learning various poses. We established with a mission to: “Spread the awareness and yoga knowledge to the yoga enthusiasts from various walks of life.” Since our inception, we have been successful in providing yoga teacher training to thousands of students, who are now taking the yoga legacy to the next generation.

Yoga is a powerful and great way to meet like-minded people and make a yoga family around the world. We help you get yoga training in the company of people from various religions, beliefs, backgrounds, etc. Thus, you can learn about the culture of other people and have better knowledge about the values and principles of various countries.

At our Yoga School in Rishikesh, every human is treated equally so that all can enjoy the true benefits of yoga in the best manner possible. Students, having a passion for learning yoga, joining us are polished to become yoga teachers through their own deep yogic transformation experience.

We are registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. So, after successfully completing yoga teacher training at our yoga school, students will get Yoga certification. However, yoga beginners will be served with various yoga training, techniques, and methodologies to enhance their yoga knowledge.

You are warmly welcomed to join our yoga teacher training school located amidst the beautiful Himalayas of Rishikesh, India.

Why Choose Us for Yoga Training in Rishikesh

Our Yoga Teacher Training program wraps an all-inclusive, theoretical, and practical yoga training helping yoga enthusiasts to deepen their yoga practice and promoting them to become a yoga teacher.

Apart from learning the art of yoga teaching, we help students gain a comprehensive knowledge of various yoga essentials like yoga asanas, yoga philosophy, yoga physiology, yoga alignment, mantra chanting, chakras, yoga anatomy, mudras, meditation, pranayama, and many other modern as well as traditional yoga techniques.

The curriculum for a yoga teacher training course at our yoga school makes students aware of all the essential elements required to enrich and deepen their practice of yoga, which later helps them teach students about yoga in a seamless manner.

Our expert and highly-knowledgeable team of yoga teachers will guide you about each and every concept related to yoga – right from the basic stages of leading a yoga class to get mastery in yoga teaching with confidence.

As a team, we are entirely dedicated to offering every yoga student with complete care and attention needed for attaining a high level of yoga knowledge and yoga teaching ability. Recognizing the needs of students joining us for yoga training, we give our best to make them knowledgeable and well-informed about yoga.


Enroll in Best Yoga Certification Courses With Us

While doing yoga teacher training at our yoga school, a yoga enthusiast needs to follow certain guidelines. If you want to earn Yoga Alliance certification with us, make sure to follow the below-listed guidelines:

  • Maintain discipline during your stay and yoga training.
  • Be passionate and show commitment to getting the best from us.
  • Your attendance in all yoga teacher training classes should be complete unless you are physically tired or ill.
  • Your conduct towards other yoga students as well as yoga teachers should be respectable.
  • You will adhere to all the rules and regulations of our Vinyasa yoga school in a proper manner.
  • You are keen to learn both the practical and theoretical parts of yoga teacher training.

Beginners Yoga Training Class For Everyone To Relax

Apart from offering Yoga certification courses, we do offer Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh, India for those who are new to yoga, have less time, and are seeking ways for detoxifying and rejuvenating their body, mind, and soul.

These all-inclusive yoga training retreats are the best practices of yoga, especially for beginners. People joining us will learn the basics of yoga philosophy, yoga asanas, mantra chanting, pranayama, and meditation.

Our friendly and experienced yoga teachers will personally take the yoga classes according to the needs and yoga level of every student.

We have been offering Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh for a long time back, giving all our yoga trainees an insight into different forms of yoga philosophy in a highly well-planned manner. No matter whether you want to master your yoga skills in Ashtanga yoga or any other yoga form, we help you gain entire knowledge about the art of particular yoga form through various yoga training practices.

Yoga Training
Joining Yoga

Who Can Take Advantage of Joining Yoga Training?

Any person who is sincere enough to learn about “what yoga is?” and who wants to understand the various concept of yoga can join our yoga school.

Yoga is one of the most natural restorative systems which helps in healing body, controlling breath, and finding inner peace. Yoga teacher training given at our yoga school encompasses a traditional touch of ancient yoga giving individuals around the world an excellent opportunity to learn how to delve deep into the level of consciousness.

At our yoga school, we do not only pay attention to the physical practice of yoga but also bring our students towards a balanced state of life when they can feel completely free of any stress or tension.

No matter what your yoga level is, you can join the yoga school for gaining yoga training as per your needs and skill-set.

Yoga Training: Daily Schedule

No matter what your motive is to join our Vinyasa yoga training school, you need to follow a basic yoga schedule for the successful completion of the yoga course and attain the best results. Below is the schedule of our Vinyasa yoga training program:

  • 06:30 am Meditation/Kriya
  • 08:00 am Yoga asanas/pranayama
  • 10:00 am Breakfast
  • 11:00 am Chanting
  • 12:00 pm Yoga Anatomy Class
  • 01:00 pm Lunch
  • 04.00 pm Yoga Asana and Yoga Methodologies
  • 05:00 pm Self-study/Free-time
  • 07:00 pm Dinner
  • 08:00 pm Chanting/ Question & answer session
  • 10:00 pm Meditation
  • 10:30 pm Light-off

The yoga schedule given here is just to make you aware of the basics. However, there may be changes in the schedule depending on the season, course, and realizing any improvement. Students are advised to keep their yoga teacher training schedule as open as possible for gaining additional training and attending yoga activities.

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